If Monday was a trip back in time, yesterday was a trip to the future. We started the day with going to the Tokyo station and got me a mobilephone! And then we started to walk from Tokyo station to find the Sony building in the Ginza district. But after a while we didn't really find it so we jumped down a subway to try and look at the map where we should go. After a while Helena went to the bathroom. I looked at the subway just out of boredom to see where it was going. I turned to Helena after she stepped out and said "Why don't we just take this subway to Ginza?"

Sony building was awesome! Everything was free. We tried mp3:s, cameras and got to experience the 3D tv. It's so cool that in a not to far distant future we will be able to watch 3D at home.

polarbear polarbear

After the Sony building we decided to walk to a train station. And it was so amazing. It was like walking into the future. All the skyscrapers around us was like 200 meters high and between them a train passed on a monorail high up in the air. We walked on bridges in between the buildings and I was amazed.

and and and

These three pictures are a little blurry but I really like them. They captured just how small we felt that we where haha. After that amazing event we went to Shinjuku to look a the hosts and then we went home!




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