Koishikawa Kōrakuen.


Forgot to write about one of the days when my friend was here. It was like the day before she left for sweden and we decided to just take it easy and go to Edo Tokyo Museum. It was really cool and nice and all but not one of the highlights. What was more awesome came after that.

in park

Our guidebook told us about a small park called Koishikawa Korakuen and it is the oldest park in Tokyo. It was founded in 1629. We were pretty close to it so we decided to go. The guidebook really didn't do it justice. It was big first of all and it was so beautiful.

bridge park park

It had a big pond and you could feed the fishes. And the scenery was so spectacular. Ponds, threes, hills, old houses and a small rice field and a cherry and plum garden. I will go back in spring because it will be even more gorgeous. So if you happen to be in Tokyo (someday or today) go there because it is so worth the tiny price you pay to get in. 300 yen. It's like 25 swedish kr or 2 euros. Just a little tip from me to you.

tokyo park


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