Nezu Shrine.


A little late post. I have been busy having fun with my friend. But yeah. The 30th of December (2010) we went to Ueno and Yanaka.

That same day we also found Nezu shrine. It was actually an accident. Our guidebook just said that it was close to the cementery. So we checked it out. The most amazing thing is that we found our way to it with just a map.

When we got there we got amazed by the beauty of it!


The guidebook just didn't do it any justice! It was big and filled with red toriigates! (Picture below). We did the bow and rang the bell. The sun was setting and all the colours was so fantastic. I can't really describe the feeling of walking under the gates with the sun setting and you feel the ancient spirits and just how far from home you are. I love it. The picture below is on the gates, I'm sure you will recognize them...



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