Going back? Fuck yeah!


Chatted with my sensei yesterday and I'm up for level 3. I was a bit surprised but very happy. So now should I go back? Yes I will. A very easy question. But I really have thought a lot about it. And here's the thing. If it is safe for me to go back then I will (also my mother has said that so far she won't let me) but then again I wouldn't listen to that anyway. I want to go back because I don't want the fear of another earthquake stopping me from completing the dream I started. To live in Tokyo. Being in Sweden now really gives me a perspective on everything and I can say that I am not done with tokyo. There are things I haven't done yet, places I want to see before the year is over. People I want to hang more with. Also I said that I wanted to live there for a hole year so that is exactly what I'm gonna do. As long as the nuclear thing is gone of course, I won't go back knowing that I will get radiation.

I really miss Tokyo. Friends and school. Getting lost in all the places and faces. The language. The nature and the days filled with joy and adventure. But having said that, coming here to sweden made me miss my old life in gothenburg a little. Just living and finding your place. But after everything that happend who wouldn't want to find som calm.


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