After the Ueno park we walked to Yanaka in search of the great cementary that is supposed to be there. And we found it on our own with the help of a map. It's a very big and beautiful cementary. In the spring all the cherry blossoms are blooming so it will be even greater then. It was nice just walking around and looking at the graves. It really is old and it's full of cherry threes and cats. After a while we started to look for the big buddha statue that they are supposed to have in yamanaka cementary. We found him after asking an old man. After that we walked looking for Nezu shrine that the book said was small and pretty!



PS: Slänger med en bild från Ueno jag missade.                                                             ueno

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Den kyrkogården kan jag tänka mig att besöka någon gång. Ser så sjukt häftigt ut!

2010-12-31 @ 11:07:40
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