I left my heart in Tokyo.

I really feel now how much I will miss my beloved Tokyo. I will miss my friends, friends from all over the world who will still be there waiting it all out. I will miss taking the train to places where I've never been. I will miss getting my hair cut and never being able to tell them how I want it cut. I will miss so many places.
Akihabara with all it's filth, manga, games and wierd things. Will miss walking around there just looking at all the people and faces.
I will miss getting just enough drunk at a crowded Izakaya with all of my friends around me and then ending the night at a bar somwhere in Shinjuku or Shibuya. I will miss falling asleep at the subway seven o' clock in the morning. The parks, the shrines and the kimonos. The mix och old and new like an old woman dressed in a classic kimono but with an iphone in her hand. I will miss the greatness and the awesomeness. Will miss the japanese.
It is my faith and belief that I will come back in april to continue my studying. But it will propably never be the same. Not after something as big as this. My heart is still in Tokyo, walking around in the park, watching the trees and smiling at the people.


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2011-03-14 @ 13:39:46
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